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My Trade List!

I'm just new here and it's really cool that I saw this community! ^_^ I have the following items for trade..

Anime Region 1 dvds

GhostSweeper Mikami
Twilight Of The Dark Master Collector's Edition

Legend Of Lemnear

English Manga!

Planet Ladder 1-4 (I have 2 copies of vol.3 and vol.1 have a bcid label written in black pen but the manga is in very good condition...)
Forbidden Dance 1-4
Ragnarok 4
One Piece 2: Buggy The Clown
2002 Tokyopop Manga Sampler
Tokyopop Sneaks Summer 2003
Tokyopop Sneaks Fall 2003

Anime VHS tapes (all dubbed and original liscenced)

Ayane's High Kick
Perfect Blue: The Director's Cut
Tenchi Muyo Universe Tv Series Collection (consist of 8 tapes)
*Tenchi Muyo: The Travel & Space Adventures
*Tenchi Muyo In Space 1-3
*Tenchi Muyo: The Last Battle

Smile Magazine Issue 2.3

let me know if you're interested in anything!

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