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Anime Trades
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Currently maintained by ozz. Don't piss him off.

This is a community was made to trade anime, manga, and anything else related to them. While this is intended for uploading and downloading files, you can also trade DVDs, Fansubs, and whatever else you want; just don't hold me responsible if you get ripped off.


-General discussion about anime, manga, etc. is fine; not every post has to be about trading, but atleast try to keep it on the topic of anime.

-No flaming. If you have a disagreement, settle it like adults.

-No selling bootlegs. If you are selling DVDs, or other official products, that's fine. But I better not see anyone selling fansubs or other bootlegs.

-If you buy anything from anyone in this community and get ripped off, I will NOT be held responsible(unless I was the one selling). Any transactions will be made at your own risk.

-If you post any spoilers, give a warning. And by warning, I mean something along the lines of this: *SPOILER*.

-Not everyone has a cable modem, so if you post pictures or lengthy posts, please use lj-cut.

-Basically, just use common sense.

My stance on liscensed anime: I honestly don't care one way or the other. Most of the DVDs I own, I bought after downloading the series. It has also saved me quite a bit of money on series' that sucked. So for me to not allow liscensed files would make me a pretty big hypocrite. If you are against the the trading of liscensed anime, the solution is simple: don't distribute or download liscnesed anime. Simply don't participate in it. For those of you who download liscensed anime: if you enjoy the series, please support the creators by purchasing the DVDs. The more money they have, the more series we will have the pleasure of watching.

Why hast thou forsaken me?
Not joining the Anime_Trades Community makes baby Jesus cry!